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Our sense of smell is closely linked to the receptors in the brain which regulate bodily functions. Of our five senses, "smell" is the one which has the closest link to our emotions. We kept this in mind when we designed our soaps.

Pure scents and gentle blends have been designed to invoke a pleasant bathing experience. Beyond the pleasantry of our senses, our soaps are made in such a way as to allow the natural glycerin to remain.

Our soaps contain 50% Olive oil - a very good moisturizer.

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Cinnamon (Bark and Leaf)

Produced from leaves and stems by steaming.
Cinnamon is often used for its antiseptic and antiviral qualities. It is also considered to be aphrodisiac.


Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
A now familiar name and fragrances, citronella is used as an insect repellant and deodorant. It is also used in a massage blend (3 drops per teaspoon of oil) which may be helpful for painful joints and muscles due to its slight warming sensation.

Clary Sage

Produced from flowers by steam distillation.
Helps produce vivid dreams, eases migraine headaches, balances female hormones easing menstrual discomfort, PMS, and menopause. It is also used to lift depression, and as a sedative making it a great help in stress reduction and postnatal depression. Because of its astringent qualities, it if good for oily hair and skin.

Clove (Bud, Leaf and Stem)

Produced from flowers by steam distillation.
This spicy, aromatic plant has been used in dentistry to relieve tooth pain and as a mouthwash. It may be helpful with nausea, bronchitis and diarrhea.


Produced from leaves (needles) and stems (twigs) by steam distillation.
Its restorative and refreshing qualities may be helpful with anxiety; its astringent qualities make it good for oily skin. It is also an anti-perspirant as well as deodorant.


Produced from twigs and leaves by steam distillation or extracted from resin.
Noted for many qualities, Eucalyptus is used to ease respiratory ailments, combats sinusitis and is useful for emphysema, pneumonia, asthma, coughs and congestion. It is also used as an analgesic, antiseptic, deodorant, expectorant and stimulant. It can kill airborne bacteria and is useful for burns, wounds, herpes simplex and shingles and as an insect repellant.


Produced from flowers by steam distillation.
A favorite romantic scent, Lavender is also great for insomnia, as an antibacterial for skin rashes and burns; ease the pain of insect bites and stings and relieves headaches and migraines. Used to calm and balance the body and mind, Lavender is also has antidepressant and sedative qualities.


Produced from fruit rind by expression.
Lemon has long been used as a refreshing stimulant, astringent and antiseptic. It has been used in tonics to aid the lymphatic and digestive systems, condition nails and skin. It may be helpful with stress headaches. It is also good for oily skin.


Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
Lemongrass energizes, is good for exhaustion and may be helpful with headaches, fever and sore throats. It is helpful in treating stomach gas, good for foot baths and used as a deodorant and insect repellent. As with lemon, lemongrass too is good for oily skin.


Produced from fruit rind by expression.
Useful as an astringent and deodorant, Lime is uplifting and may be helpful with headaches, depression, and stress.


Produced from fruit rind expression.
Soothing and restorative, Orange is helpful with insomnia and aiding in restful sleep because of its mild sedative quality. It is also known for its antidepressant, digestive and antispasmodic qualities.


Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
This oil is considered stimulating, a sensual rejuvenator, but can also have sedative qualities. It is good for mature and dry skins, dandruff and as an antibacterial.


Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
Great for foot baths and massages, Peppermint's stimulating and refreshing qualities help with nausea and indigestion, flatulent, stomach pains, each motion sickness and alleviates headaches. It stimulates the circulation and nervous system and can relieve some symptoms of PMS.


Produced from leave and stems by steam distillation.
The wonderful citrus aroma can relieve anxiety, depression, and stress with its restorative, cleansing and uplifting properties. It is used also as a deodorant and astringent.


Produced from flowers by extraction or by steam distillation.
A classic, Rose is very soothing, toning, clarifying and cleansing. It is helpful with dry or mature skins. Very sensual, it is considered to be one of the best aphrodisiacs.


Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
Helpful for memory and concentration, Rosemary also increases sensitivity and creativity. It is used as an astringent, analgesics, antiseptic and stimulant. It combats arteriosclerosis, high cholesterol, liver disorders, gall stones and gout. It is good for overworked muscles, as a scalp disinfectant and tonic.


Produced from chipped wood by steam or distillation.
Good for tired, aching muscles, its calming and relaxing properties may help with depression. It is also an antiseptic and aphrodisiac.


Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
Considered a good oil for women, it may help balance menstrual irregularities. It may be helpful with asthma, bronchitis, bacterial infections and arthritis. It helps with the nervous and digestive systems.


Produced from wood by steam distillation.
Often used with meditation, this antidepressant aid awareness. It is very good for most skin types, especially dry.


Produced from leaves and flower by steam distillation.
As with peppermint, spearmint has refreshing, energizing, stimulating and cooling properties. It may be helpful with digestion and muscle relaxing. It is a good astringent.

Tea Tree

Produced from leaves and stems by steam distillation.
Good for cystitis, urinary infections, vaginal infection, diaper rash, wound, psoriasis, burns cold, flu, throat infections, sinus infections gingivitis and mouth ulcers. Tea Tree strengthens the immune system and is a powerful antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal.


Produced from its seeds (beans) by extraction.
Well known as an aphrodisiac and calming oil.


Produced from roots by steam distillation.
This relaxing, soothing and balancing oil may aid in lowering blood pressure and is helpful with insomnia. Good for mature and dry skins.


Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
Because of its warming qualities, this familiar aroma is used in many muscle preparations.

Ylang Ylang

Produced from leaves by steam distillation.
This exotic and sensual aroma has aphrodisiac and antidepressant properties, relaxing the mind, body and spirit. Good for all skin types.

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