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Our sense of smell is closely linked to the receptors in the brain which regulate bodily functions.

Of our five senses, "smell" is the one which has the closest link to our emotions. We kept this in mind when we designed our soaps.

Pure scents and gentle blends have been designed to invoke a pleasant bathing experience.

Beyond the pleasantry of our senses, our soaps are made in such a way as to allow the natural glycerin to remain. Glycerin is well known for its skin care qualities and its ability to attract moisture to your skin.

Our soaps contain 50% Olive oil - a very good moisturizer.

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Essential Oils are oils that are extracted from flowers, fruit, bark and even the roots of many plants. They carry with them a unique scent, skin care qualities as well as the aromatherputic properties.

Here are some our most popular scents...

Lavender is our favorite because it is so refreshing and relaxing. In aromatherapy, lavender is used often to relieve tension. We have added ground lavender blossoms to ensure a great, long-lasting fragrance.

Lavender & Oatmeal is our regular lavender bar the we have added some freshly ground organic oatmeal for a gentle exfoliation.

Lemongrass Invigorating in the shower in the morning or a nice soap to have on the kitchen sink.  It has a nice earthy Lemon scent.

Lemongrass & Oats we have added some freshly ground organic oatmeal to our Lemongrass soap for an extra scrub.

Peppermint is what we call our "wake up" soap. This can be used at any time and is made from peppermint grown and distilled in the Midwest. Very refreshing. Contains a natural menthol and is a good refreshing wake up call in the morning. It makes your skin feel tingly.

Oatmeal & Honey is a long time favorite of those who have had concerns about their skin. We use ground organic oatmeal and natural honey in our blend. We also blend in jojoba oil which has properties that allows the skin to repair.

Oatmeal & Almond is  like our Oatmeal & Honey but has a blend of essential oils that give it a nutty Almond fragrance.

Garden Helper (P) is a natural soap to which we have added ground pumice - for a nice gentle but thorough scrub. The extra soothing frangrance of natural Lavender essential oils will help you unwind after a hard day working in the earth.

Garden Helper (CM) - our second offering in the Garden Helper series - is made with organic cornmeal and oat bran to allow for a good scrub. This bar is scented with natural oils of  Lemongrass. Lemongrass is also helpful as a natural insect repellant. What more could you ask for in the garden?

Vegetarian is an all vegetable-based soap with a unique blend of olive, coconut, palm and avocado oils. No essential oils are added to this one.

Orange Spice is a unique combination of essential oils of sweet orange and cinnamon leaf. Also included in the bar is fresh ground orange peel and ground cinnamon for a very gentle scrub. This fragrance will remind you of the sweet smell of pomander balls.

Pink Grapefruit  Sweet citrus from California

Patchouli is made from an Indonesian oil with an earthy aroma.  It is very sweet and musty and was very popular in the 60's.  It is known as the "love soap".

Spearmint another mint soap.  Fresh, clean and crisp!

Double-mint we combined the Spearmint and the Peppermint soap to come up with our Double-mint. This bar does have ground mint in it.  A very refreshing and stimulating bar.

Rosemary Seaweed  You'll find the best from the sea in this bar.  We use a blend of Kelp, Dulse and Nori.  To this we have added Rosemary essential oil.  Rosemary is a spirit lifter.

Eucalyptus The aroma will clear your mind as well as your senses.  Eucalyptus is great for the respiratory system.

Sweet Fennel is something just a little different.  We offer sweet fennel essential oil in this bar which smells like licorice.

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