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Our sense of smell is closely linked to the receptors in the brain . One whiff of one of our many varieties will conjure up memories from the past, sooth your soul, or take you on a journey.

Pure scents and gentle blends have been designed to invoke a pleasant bathing experience. Beyond the pleasantry of our senses, our soaps are made in such a way as to allow the natural glycerin to remain.

Our soaps contain 50% Olive oil - a very good moisturizer.

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You may be surprised to learn that many of the world's most popular scents are now recreated in laboratories rather than extracted from plants. "Fragrance" oils fall into the catagory known as "synthetic" scents. We use only the finest, top grade cosmetic quality Fragrance oils.

Ocean Breeze "Ocean Breeze is a favorite among the young and old alike. There is just something in the color combination (blue, green and white) and the scent that makes this everyone's favorite. A combination of sea and rain notes makes this fragrance as clear and fresh as the coast of Maine."

Lilac is like a spring day. This is the closest you can get to the real thing. Just close your eyes and think spring!

Roses has that sweet gentle smell of a fresh bouquet of Victorian roses.

Gardenia is just a nice strong floral scent.

Vanilla Bean is unique in that it smells good enough to eat. Very smooth and subtle.

Blueberry is a strong long lasting fragrance of nothing but the best that blueberries have to offer.

Balsam Fir  is like stepping into the forest. One whiff will conjure up thoughts of being outdoors.

Cranberry is crisp and tart as a Cranberry should be.

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